Integrated Energy
Planning Tool

The Nigeria Integrated Energy Planning Tool is an online, interactive data visualization platform that brings together several layers of data to help Nigerian policy makers and practitioners make more informed decisions about their strategies and operations to advance energy access in the country.

The tool is powered by extensive geospatial modelling and optimization and provides actionable intelligence for private sector and government stakeholders to plan the expansion of least-cost access to electricity and clean cooking. The tool presents interactive and downloadable data from Nigeria based on integrated energy planning analyses to achieve universal energy access in the country by 2030.

Nigeria Integrated Energy Plan

The Nigeria Integrated Energy Plan is a detailed Nigerian geospatial energy access analysis, the results of which are accessible via the Nigeria Integrated Energy Planning Tool, developed by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), in collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation.

In 2021, SEforALL collaborated with the Nigerian government to develop an updated Nigeria Integrated Energy Plan. This analysis represents the first truly integrated energy plan, incorporating the requirements for universal residential electrification, institutional electrification and powering of productive uses, and access to clean cooking. The analysis considers a suite of supply-side solutions, including the grid, mini-grids, solar home systems (SHS), LPG, electric cooking, biogas, along with a variety of demand-side factors, such as affordability, to identify pathways and opportunities for expanding energy access.

Key insights

Click on the following links to download key insights from the various elements of the Nigeria Integrated Energy Plan.

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